UPDATE 8/8/2022: User manuals have been updated to guide new users through the process of setting up a Marketplace sales account.

If you operate a booster club, need a team shop, or are a social media influencer, and need a sales channel to sell your branded products, without having to worry about inventory, production, or logistics, we have a GREAT solution for you in our Marketplace!


  • Completion of the remaining wholesale product listings (complete)
  • Automated signup/registration (complete)
  • Wholesale product navigation menus (complete)
  • Marketplace product navigation menus (complete)
    • Updating the Marketplace website with a better, more user-friendly theme (complete)
    • User guide update (complete)
    • Customizer integration of Marketplace shop products (complete)
    • Customizer integration of Wholesale products (available mid-late August)
      • Product customization services are available on Wholesale products, but until we have completed the backend work with the customizer tool then we have to handle everything manually. If you are interested in wholesale pricing on customized product, just email sales@craftworksnw.com!
    • Expanding Marketplace to allow users to sell/fulfill their own products. (Exploratory, Date TBA)

      Other feature changes:

      • Increased maximum product listing caps for each paid subscription tier
        • Free accounts are limited to 3 single-variant product listings.
        • Monthly subscription fees are set at a flat, transparent rate, with no additional markups.
          • We wanted the costs to be as easy to figure out, and as predictable as possible for our users.
          • The base price that will be shown during the customization process will be your base product cost, without any additional markups, or fees involved.
          • The base cost will be the charge that is deducted from each sale through your Marketplace shop, so it was highly important that this NOT be a point of confusion for our users.

          If you have an interest in our business-to-business wholesale and marketplace program, head on over to:



          No program fees, contracts, or commitments, and best of all it's free to apply! 

          If you are in need of wholesale products, or merchandising solution for your school, sports team, business, or brand, simply visit https://craftworksnw.com and register for a free Wholesale/Marketplace Account!

          Craftworks NW Marketplace Now Live!

          Don't have a way to customize our wholesale products yourself? No problem!

          Don't have a fulfillment solution to move your customized products to your customers? Also problem!

          We have set up a marketplace that will allow our wholesale customers to set up a storefront to sell their Craftworks NW customized products, and start earning money from their sales!

          Craftworks NW will handle:

          • Your initial shop setup, including listing images
          • Production of goods sold through your market shop
          • Fulfillment of your sold goods
            • Orders are shipped from Craftworks NW, directly to your customers!

          Marketplace vendors:

          • Customize their products
          • Don't have to worry about inventory, or logistics
          • Set your own profit!
            • Products have a base cost that is deducted from each sale.

            • Base cost is determined by the product price + customization charges.

          For an idea of what your Marketplace storefront could look like, check out our Demo Stores:

          Demo Team Store

          Demo Church/Non-Profit Store

          For more information, please visit: https://craftworksnw.market

          Many questions will be answered by our Setup Guide, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at sales@craftworksnw.com!