A Reseller account is required to access/view B2B Wholesale program products and pricing.

No program fees, contracts, or commitments, and best of all it's free to apply! 

If you are in need of a merchandising solution for your school, sports team, business, or brand, simply fill out the form below, and within 24-48 hours, your account will be set up and you can access products and services at prices that are only available through our Wholesale Program!

Craftworks NW Marketplace Now Live!

Don't have a way to customize our wholesale products yourself? No problem!

Don't have a fulfillment solution to move your customized products to your customers? No problem!

We have set up a marketplace that will allow our wholesale customers to set up a storefront to sell their Craftworks NW customized products, and start earning money from their sales!

Craftworks NW will handle:

  • Your initial shop setup, including listing images
  • Production of goods sold through your market shop
  • Fulfillment of your sold goods
    • Orders are shipped from Craftworks NW, directly to your customers!

Marketplace vendors are be able to:

  • Customize your products
  • Set your own retail prices
  • Direct your customers to your storefront
  • Earn $$$ for your business, or organization!

For an idea of what your Marketplace storefront may look like, check out our Demo Stores:

Demo Team Store

Demo Church/Non-Profit Store

For more information, please visit: https://craftworksnw.market

Many questions will be answered by our Setup Guide, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at sales@craftworksnw.com!

B2B Wholesale Program FAQs:

Wholesale products and pricing are only visible when logged into your active Reseller account.

Once you have an active Reseller account, Wholesale products will be visible while normally browsing the website.

Not all products sold through our normal retail channel are offered through our wholesale program.

Reasons for this include not enough available inventory to support being made available through wholesale.

We periodically review our product catalog to make sure that the products that are offered through our wholesale program will continue to be available to our customers.

If there is a product that we offer through our standard retail listings, that you would like to see offered through our wholesale channel, simply contact us to make your request, and we will assess whether or not it will be a viable candidate for wholesale listing!

This program is a Business to Business (B2B) program, so only licensed businesses/organizations may sign up for wholesale accounts, so a valid Tax ID is required in order to sign up.

For the account to be set up as a sales tax-exempt account, a valid Resale/Reseller certificate will also be required. Please consult with the appropriate state office in which your business is registered on how to procure a Resale certificate.

A Resale certificate is NOT required to set up a Reseller account.

No, a Resale certificate is not required to sign up for a Reseller account, however, if a reseller certificate is not provided, or able to be provided, we will not be able to set up the account as a tax-exempt account, which means you may be charged sales tax on your purchase.

If a valid Resale certificate is provided after the account has been set up, we will be able to refund back any sales tax that has been collected to date, so long as those purchases are within the period that the Resale certificate was/is active.

A Resale certificate is issued by the tax authority in the state you reside/do business in, and is not the same document as a Sales and Use Tax certificate.

Please refer to your state's requirements for receiving a Resale certificate.

We are currently working on development of a marketplace where wholesale customers can sell our customized products through Craftworks NW, without having to deal with production, inventory, or fulfillment!

Basically, you create the customizations, and sell the customized products through your marketplace account without having to worry about any of the headaches!

More will be announced soon.

Absolutely not! Our Wholesale Program does not have any monthly fees, contracts, or commitments!

Absolutely not! With an active Reseller account, you will have access to our absolute lowest prices!

You can order 1 or 1,000 of something, however there are automatic bulk discounts available on quantity purchases, as well as discounts on the personalization charges.

We recommend providing your sales drive with enough lead time for your team to generate enough sales to receive the largest discounts available!

As with all of our other products and services, design consultations are always free, however with a Resller account, we offer free Graphic Optimization services, as well as a 40% discount on our general Graphic Design services!

We also have an off-the-shelf fundraiser program ready to go for schools, sports teams, church groups, etc., complete with fliers and order forms!

Simply download the forms, enter your contact info and pricing in the forms, and you're ready to start earning money for your program!

Our Wholesale Program offers free shipping on orders $99+ (U.S. orders only)