Aside from our retail shop, we offer additional engraving/cutting services, gift packaging, material processing, acrylic fabrication services, as well as vector graphic development/repair.

Service Rate
Custom Gift Packaging

Call (360) 952-8196, or email us at for options and a quote!

Many gift box options are available, including cut-to-fit foam inserts!

Laser Engraving/Cutting Services

CO2 Laser Engraving/Cutting Services:

  • $120 minimum order size
  • Rate based on job run time
    $24.99 minimum file setup fee
    • Pricing determined based on job size/complexity.

      $34.99 Rotary Tool Service Charge

      • Cylindrical objects, like drinkware/tumblers

        Fiber Laser Marking/Engraving Services:

        $165.00 minimum job order.
        Minimum $35 programming fee.
        • Pricing depends on complexity of programming required to facilitate the order
          $69.99 Basic Fiber Rotary Tool Service Fee
          • Small cylindrical objects like rings, drinkware, etc (up to 15 lbs).
          $199.00 Heavy Duty Fiber Rotary Tool Service Charge
          • Large cylindrical objects like wheels, fittings, pipes, etc.
            • Quote-only service
              • cost depends on size, complexity, and programming requirements.
            • Full firearm-related engraving services are available.
            • Metal engraving
              • Firearms
              • Equipment tags
              • Jewelry 
              • Knives/Cutlery
            • Acrylic engraving/cutting
            • Wood cutting/engraving
            • Textile cutting
            • Leather cutting/engraving

            Metal engraving services are now available!!!

            Acrylic Fabrication/Signage/POP Displays Contact us for a quote!
            Upload Your Own Vectorized Graphic File

            100% Free!

            • Review our FAQ page for file submission requirements.
            • Mockup servicing is available for a $90.00/file, if you do not want to use our product customizer tool.
            Vector Graphic Optimization


            • Simplifies and reduces the excesses found in many vector graphic files we see and receive.
            • This service Includes resizing of the artboard, removal of unnecessary graphic elements and layers.
            • This process makes your graphic file as efficient as possible for a number of applications (including use in our product customizer app!).
            Custom Word Cloud


            • Provide us with a list of words that you would like to include, any preferred shapes, and let us handle the rest!
            Handwriting Vector Conversion


            • Great for recipes, and handwritten notes. Turn your favorite handwriting samples into a vector graphic for use in laser engraving!
            • Image of handwriting to be converted needs to be well-lit, with the writing color to be a clear and distinct contrasting color from the background color.
              • eg. Black on white, blue on white, etc.
            Custom Road Map Graphic

            Starting at $90.00/image.

            • Basic vectorized topographical road map graphic.
            • Where more map details are requested/desired (street names, map features, etc) a quote will be given.
            Basic Raster-to-Vector Conversion*

            $25/order (10 image maximum).

            • This service provides a raw conversion/trace from raster, to vector.
            • No pre/post-process edits & repairs are included.
            • 300ppi or higher resolution images only.
              • Low resolution images will require full graphic development services to do the front- and back-end graphic repair work.
            • No copies of developed vector graphics are provided.

            Full Raster-to-Vector Conversion*

            Starting at $90/image.

            • This service includes all pre/post- process edits & repairs to create an optically pure, 'high resolution' vector image.
            • Copies of completed vectorized files are provided with this service.
            Portrait photo to vector conversion*


            • Conversion of a portrait photograph to a laser-compliant vector graphic for engraving.
            General Vector Graphic/Logo Development


            • Minimum 30 min. charge.
            • Billed in 15 min. increments.




            *These are services that are invoiced directly. They are unavailable through our website, and all it takes to get started is to contact us directly for next steps!
            With our full service vector development services, we will provide you with a properly formatted vector graphic, saved in a .pdf file. If you have other file format preferences/requirements, just let us know what those are, and we'll be more than happy to accommodate!
            All developed graphics are retained in our files to facilitate future purchases and reorders (without having to impose further setup charges).
            If you have a project you need help with, we would love to have a conversation, so reach out to us at (360) 952-8196, or email today!