Laser engraving small text, intricate logos, pictures, or cutting into shapes, rubber is a great material that is easy to process with our laser cutting equipment! Rubber stamp making, or custom cut gaskets are made even more efficient, inexpensive, and environmentally-friendly. Our systems allow for high-precision processing and clean, detailed, quality imprints, so no chemical treatment is necessary. Contact us for more information!

Textile types suitable for laser processing:

  • Laser rubber
  • Natural rubber
  • Synthetic rubber
  • Microporous laser foam
  • Oil resistant laser rubber
  • Silicone rubber
  • Foam rubber
  • Odorless rubber
  • Neoprene


*We are unable to process materials that contain PVC/Vinyl/Chloride. Laser cutting materials with those compounds will produce deadly vinyl chloride gasses which presents an immediate life-safety hazard, as well as ruining the optics and corroding the components of our equipment.

If your material is suspected to contain PVC, vinyl, or chloride compounds, an MSDS sheet may be required to be furnished prior to the acceptance of any work.