Vector Graphics vs. Raster Graphics

In the digital graphic world, there are two types of digital images: Vector Graphics, and Raster graphics. Below is a video that briefly (and thoroughly!) explains the differences between them:



Why is this important?

Simply put: depending on the process being used to create your custom item, there may be technical limitations on the kinds of graphic image files that can be used.

With printing processes like UV printing, Sublimation, etc, raster images can be used without much issue. With processes that involve higher precision equipment, such as can be found in laser engraving, the technical limitations become more challenging to overcome.

With the laser engraving process, we are restricted to the use of vector graphic files, and only vector graphic files for the actual engraving work. This means that any .jpgs, .pngs, .gifs, .bmps, etc must first be turned into vector graphics, through the use of specific software suites, and implementing specific processing and repair techniques to turn the graphic image into a vector graphic.

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