Feature Updates!


In recent months we have been quietly adding improvements to the website that will help greatly with the user experience.

We are really excited about a few of them, so we just wanted to share what we've been up to!

Order Status Page

We have added an Order Status Search feature that will let you pull up any order that you have placed through our website using your order number, and the email address that your order was placed with.

Along with this, there are some new status indicators that will let you know the status of your order, so that we can give you a clearer idea of where your order is at in the process:

  • Unfulfilled - This is the default status after your order has been placed. Fulfillment work has not yet started (but will very soon!).
  • Product Ordered - The base product for your order has been called out from our supplier, and we are currently awaiting delivery for further processing.
  • Product Delivered - The base product for your order has arrived at our shop, and we can begin processing your order.
  • In-Process/Personalization In-Process - Whether or not your order requires personalization will determine which of these flags your order will receive. In either case, active processing has been started, and your order will move on to packing once complete.
  • Packing - Processing has completed, and now your order is being packaged for transport.
  • Fulfilled - Your order has been transferred to the carrier, and if you haven't received your tracking information email already, you can expect it to show up very soon!
  • Delay Due to Backorder - If part of your order cannot be fulfilled due to supply issues, your order will be flagged with this status, and a system email will be sent out to provide you with a variety of fulfillment options.

User-Side Order Cancellation & Reordering

One of the big improvements we're most excited about is giving users the ability to cancel their order, and improving the reorder process.

After your order has been placed, you will see some new buttons on your Order Status page, giving you access to two new options:

  • Reorder
  • Cancel

Reorder is pretty simple, and straight forward. If you want to repeat a previous order, click Reorder, and you will be redirected to the cart. This should preserve all of your line items from the order, including customization fees (if applicable). If there are any issues with this, please Contact Us and we will see what we can do to correct it, but in our testing everything appears to function as intended.

Cancel is going to take a bit of explaining. Basically, once the order has been placed, as a new order, you can pretty much do what you want with it, including cancelling for a full refund.

Since the module that handles this automation on the backend may need a minute or two to update the Order Page, you should see the option to cancel very shortly after your order has been created.

That being said, once the base product has been called out from our supplier, your order will have entered into the fulfillment process, and with that, the cancellation option will disappear from your Order Status page, meaning you will need to contact us at sales@craftworksnw.com for cancellation options.

After an order enters into the fulfillment process, depending on what stage of fulfillment it is at, the order may be subject to restocking fees (imposed on us by our supplier), or even a denial of the cancellation request (if the order has been personalized).

3D/AR Personalizer

This one is along the lines of icing on the cake for us. We are pretty happy with the product designer tool that we have chosen to implement, and one of the features we have been looking at for a while now is the 3D/AR features that come with it.

For us, it just helps to better convey to customers what they can expect to see in the finished product, when it is placed on a 3D model, instead the design being transposed over a basic 2D photo/rendering of the base product.

Coupled with AR technology, customers can really get a sense of scope, and size of the piece they are having made.

We have been busy developing and adding 3D models to some select products, and plan to eventually have models for everything we sell!