Aside from our retail shop, we offer additional engraving/cutting services, gift packaging, material processing, acrylic fabrication services, as well as vector graphic development/repair.

Service Rate
Custom Gift Packaging

Call (360) 952-8196, or email us at for options and a quote!

Many gift box options are available, including cut-to-fit foam inserts!

Laser Engraving/Cutting Services

CO2 Laser Engraving/Cutting Services:

  • $120 minimum order size
  • Per-piece service rate based on factors such as order size, and job run time.
    $24.99 minimum file setup fee
    • Pricing determined based on job size/complexity.

      $34.99 Rotary Tool Service Charge

      • Cylindrical objects, like drinkware/tumblers

        Fiber Laser Marking/Engraving Services:

        $165.00 minimum job order.
        Minimum $35 programming fee.
        • Pricing depends on complexity of programming requirements to process the job.
          $69.99 Basic Fiber Rotary Tool Service Fee
          • Small cylindrical objects like rings, drinkware, etc (up to 15 lbs).
          $199.00 Heavy Duty Fiber Rotary Tool Service Charge
          • Large cylindrical objects like wheels, fittings, pipes, etc.
            • Quote-only service
              • cost depends on size, complexity, and programming requirements.
            Materials Processing
              We offer many services for processing: Metals, Acrylics, Textiles, Leather, Stone, Glass, and more!
              Acrylic Fabrication/Signage/POP Displays Contact us for a quote!
              Upload Your Own Image File

              100% Free!

              • Review our FAQ page for file submission recommendations.
              • Mockup servicing is available for a $90.00/file, if you do not want to use our product customizer tool.
              Vector Graphic Optimization


              • Simplifies and reduces the excesses found in many vector graphic files we see and receive.
              • This service Includes resizing of the artboard, removal of unnecessary graphic elements and layers.
              • This process makes your graphic file as efficient as possible for a number of applications (including use in our product customizer app!).
              Custom Word Cloud


              • Provide us with a list of words that you would like to include, any preferred shapes, and let us handle the rest!
              Handwriting Vector Conversion


              • Great for recipes, and handwritten notes. Turn your favorite handwriting samples into a vector graphic for use in laser engraving!
              • Image of handwriting to be converted needs to be well-lit, with the writing color to be a clear and distinct contrasting color from the background color.
                • eg. Black on white, blue on white, etc.
              Custom Road Map Graphic

              Starting at $90.00/image.

              • Basic vectorized topographical road map graphic.
              • Where more map details are requested/desired (street names, map features, etc) a service quote will be required.

              Full Raster-to-Vector Conversion*

              Starting at $90/image.

              • This service includes all pre/post- process edits & repairs to create an optically pure, 'high resolution' vector image.
              • Copies of completed vectorized files are provided with this service.
              Portrait photo to vector conversion*


              • Conversion of a portrait photograph to a laser-compliant vector graphic for engraving.
              General Vector Graphic/Logo Development


              • Minimum 1 hour service charge
              • Includes 3 revisions/edits
              • $29.99 per edit/revision after 3.