As of 4/1/2023, Will Call service is no longer available to the general public.

We do extend Will Call service to certain customers, typically limited only for Business-to-Business (B2B) customers, and pickups are scheduled in advance.

Yes, however there is some clarification required here.

Some customers conflate, or confuse expedited processing with expedited shipping.

Processing and Shipping are two mutually exclusive parts of the fulfillment processes, and understanding what each term means will help to alleviate confusion, especially when a customer purchases upgraded shipping services, and expects their order to also be processed:

  • Expedited Processing: This is also known as "Rush" or "Priority" servicing, which simply means you wish to have your order completed, and fulfilled sooner than under normal circumstances.

  • Expedited Shipping: While processing through checkout, you can select from a variety of available shipping carriers, and service options, from standard Ground Delivery services to Next Day/Overnight. Expedited shipping simply means that, based on the options selected, your order may be delivered much sooner, once the order has been fulfilled, and transferred to the carrier for shipment/delivery.

Expedited shipping services do not have any effect on the processing, or fulfillment times for any order.

For clarifications on Rush Processing, refer to the appropriate question, under Products & Services.

While these situations are unfortunate, they do happen, and because of this, you have the option to have your order covered by insurance while creating your order.

Please refer to our "Shipping Policies" page for more information on how to resolve these issues.

Once your order has been transferred to the Carrier service for transport/delivery, they are 100% responsible to ensure that your order arrives safely, and intact.

Customers are given the option to insure their order against damage/loss/theft while processing through checkout (the option will be seen in the Cart).

If this optional service is declined, we cannot issue any refunds, or order reproductions at no cost to you, should something unfortunate happen.

No. We cannot promise, or guarantee the service of any 3rd party, including and especially package servicing, and mail carrier companies.

That being said, the premium level delivery services (Next Day/Overnight), will generally carry a date-delivery guarantee*, meaning that if the carrier misses the delivery time that they have scheduled for your delivery, then typically you would be eligible to receive a refund (from the carrier) on your shipping charges.

Information on which delivery services have a money-back service guarantee are readily available on each carrier's website.

*Please be aware that shipping and delivery services are not in any way connected to processing, or fulfillment times.

There have been some recent developments on this subject, covered in our 'News' section. Check back here late-Spring 2023, as we should have some updates on this topic!


Please be aware that if you reside in one of the more than 160 countries that participate in the VAT (Value Added Tax) system, VAT (or sometimes referred to as GST, or Goods and Services Tax) will be added by your country's customs agency before your order will be released to the carrier for final shipment.

It is strongly recommended for customers located outside of the U.S. to contact your local customs agency to inquire about the import process, and what taxes your order may be subject to at the time of import.

Please be aware that VAT is not covered in any of the product or shipping charges that are invoiced at the time your order was placed.

We use all major U.S. carriers, and local courier partners.

You’ll be asked to select a delivery method during checkout.

Products & Services

We do have a 'Chat with Us' module active on the website, but it is not staffed, or monitored, which means that messages that are sent through the Chat Module are not viewed or responded to by staff.

It simply serves as a front end interface for customers to quickly get an answer to some of the more common, basic questions that we encounter.

If you need to get a hold of a live person, the best place to do so is via the Contact Us page, or by email at:

We can be reached via email at, message us through our Contact Us page, or via phone at 360.952.8196.

Reaching us by phone is the least likely method of contact, as we may not be near the phone, or unable to hear it over our fans/equipment, so email, or the contact form is going to be the best method of contact.

There are multiple variables that will impact order fulfillment times, such as:

  • Product quantities being ordered
  • Personalization services
  • Available inventory on hand
  • Number or volume of orders being processed at any given time, etc.

All orders are processed on a first come, first served basis, but we do offer Rush Order Servicing if you need your order much sooner (please review the FAQ for Rush Order Servicing eligibility requirements).

At the time your order is placed, we will call out for your products from our suppliers, who will ship the base product to our shop. This will typically take 2-7 business days depending on where the base product actually originates from. Delays due to inclement weather are not uncommon during winter months.

Once the product arrives at our shop, the order is then scheduled for processing. Typical processing times can be expected to be 2-5 days.

Typical fulfillment times are estimates based on orders for single items. Orders containing multiple (more than 1) items, and/or orders that are placed during busy shopping seasons (like the Christmas shopping season) will take longer to fulfill.

All that being said, if you are ordering product that is being personalized, we advise customers to plan for 1-2 weeks from the time their order has been placed, to the time they receive shipping notifications.

Fulfillment times for product that do not require personalization are typically fulfilled much sooner than products that are being personalized.

Fulfillment times can also be extended, without prior notice.

Please, also be aware that shipping services selected at the time of checkout do not impact, or affect processing times. Shipping services only determine the actual delivery service once the order has been fulfilled and transferred to the carrier.

The short answer is yes, but these services are extremely limited in availability, and have a high barrier cost.

Priority servicing was something that was offered as a standard optional service in the past, however, it proved to be highly disruptive to our workflow.

In order to keep things operating smoothly, we have implemented a very narrow carve-out with regard to our Priority Servicing Option*:

  • The full retail order value is a minimum of $2,500.00 USD (Full order value before any discounts are applied).
  • After a qualifying order has been made, simply email, with "Rush Order Request - Order #XXXX" in the subject line. (Simply add your actual order number in place of the "#XXXX")
  • Instead of being charged a "Rush Order Fee", the order will simply forfeit any discounts, including any free shipping offers that were issued at the time of sale.
  • An invoice will be issued in the amount of the discounts and shipping charges that were issued on the original order.
  • After the invoice has been paid in full, the order will be placed in the Priority Service Queue.

*Priority Servicing Option is optional, so if you would prefer to retain any discounts and offers, you can absolutely do so, but your order will retain its position in our normal production queue.

The short answer is no.

Due to how the entire personalization process works, from start to finish, there is no way that a fulfillment date can be promised, or guaranteed.

Typical fulfillment for personalized orders containing a single product is 4-12 business days.

If you are ordering blank product through our shop (like our popular laserable leatherette sheet stock), then the processing of those orders is much, simpler, involve far fewer steps, and turnaround times are much, much faster.

We advise all customers who are purchasing product that will require laser engraving/cutting, or any other personalization (like sublimation dye) to expect shipping notices to be sent approximately 1-2 weeks after their order has been placed.

Fulfillment times will be extended during busy holiday shopping seasons (such as Christmas), and late-shoppers will most likely receive their orders later than they would like.

You can always reach out by phone, or by email at and ask for an estimate on our current lead times, we're more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

Yes, absolutely!

Job Shop work is primarily offered as a Business-to-Business service, but we're not opposed to hearing about what you have in mind!

Yes, but these services are very limited, in that they are primarily offered as a Business-to-Business service.

That being said, we do have some very narrow carve-outs in this policy if you are planning an event/party/gathering.

If your order would fit into this category, then your order will be subject to minimum service fees.


We offer quantity-based discounting on all of our retail products, but if you are interested in case-based wholesale pricing, please visit our Wholesale/Marketplace website, at:

Orders that have been personalized in any way are ineligible for refund.

If your order did not include personalization, then it may be eligible for a full refund.

Simply email us directly and we will take you through the process.

As long as the cancellation request has been made before we have actually personalized the order, then the order can be cancelled for a full refund.

Products that are deemed to be "Special Order" products have additional terms and exclusions.

Please refer to our "Refund Policy" page for additional details.


Most POD (print on demand) companies opt to go with the personalization model that limits customers in their ability to design the products that they sell.

Generally, this will be something like a pre-determined location on the product, or a pre-defined customization area that you are allowed to personalize.

Companies that will allow you go outside of those constraints generally have you go through a secondary quote process, or add extra steps that do nothing but get in the way of (what should be) a fun shopping experience!

We wanted to get away from that model as much as possible, and put the creativity directly in your hands, giving you as much freedom as possible to create something as unique, fun, and expressive as you are!

Outside of technical/physical constraints of a given product, or process, what this means is we give you unrestrained access to the entire product so that you can personalize your way, and really make it something special!

If you haven't used our customizer app before, we encourage you to review the Customizer User Guide, as it will answer most of the common questions that you may have.

Costs are separated between the Base Product Cost, and Personalization Cost.

If you opt to purchase the base product, without personalization, then simply add the product to the cart, and check out as you normally would.

If you opt to have your order personalized, then service charges will be added, in the customizer app, based on your overall design size.


There are no restrictions, or limitations with regard to image type, or image format, however, some formats are absolutely easier to use than others.

Image files in a vector format are the simplest format to use for customization.

If you are uploading a graphic file with an .ai file extension, be sure that the file has been saved as a ".pdf compatible image file", or it will not upload.

If a bitmap image is all you have, and graphic development services are not what you are looking for, then high resolution .png bitmap images with a transparent background are simpler than .pngs with a background, or .jpgs.

That is not to say that bitmaps with a background can't be used, there will just be a few additional steps through the customizer to set the graphic up to be compatible in a laser engraving application.

Yes, absolutely!

We do retain all production files, so generally speaking, placing a reorder (in most cases) will be as simple as logging into your account, and placing a reorder from your account.

If you want to receive a copy of your proof sheet from your previous order, simply request it via the Order Notes, or email after your order has been placed.

Due to recent website feature integrations, and upgrades, legacy customers who have not set up a customized order through the current product customizer will be required to set up an order through the customizer app.

This will create the necessary line items for customization charges that will be used as the basis for reordering.

We reserve the right to brand any and all items that are ordered through our retail website.

That doesn't mean that every item will receive a brand.

For example, if the product being ordered:

  • does not contain any customization
  • our shop is extremely busy, or
  • we determine that applying a brand will be a detriment to the design

then a personalized item might not receive branding (solely at our discretion).

We do not accept, or honor any requests to withold branding on any retail products that are ordered from this website.

If having the product you order also having our branding is an issue, or conflict with the intended purpose of the item(s) you are considering purchasing (like if you are a reseller, or using the items to promote your own business, etc), then we recommend ordering wholesale products through our Marketplace website instead:

Products that are personalized through our Marketplace website can be customized, but they will not be branded, unless specifically allowed by the customer.

No, absolutely not!

If you are ordering multiple items, and want a different name, or date on each piece, you can simply customize one item for the entire order to create the base template, and then inform us via the Order Notes, or via email after your purchase (don't forget to include your order number!) with the names/dates (and quantities if applicable).

White is not a color that is available in the sublimation dye print process.

This is why the majority (but not all) of sublimatable products will have a white coating, which serves as the white background that the color dye is transferred to.

The products that do not have a white base color (stainless steel, glassware, burlap, etc), are not able to be printed with white-base color.

Any user-provided artwork files will not be able to be printed with any whites in the final product.

Because of this, the live preview/design proofs that you see and/or save from within the customizer may not be representative of the finished product, depending on which product is customized.

White colors are retained in our off-the-shelf sub dye artwork, so that customers can properly build up designs, using the provided design elements.

We encourage customers ordering sub dye products to reach out with any questions they may have about their artwork, and how it will appear in the finished product.

Payment & Security

Your credit card information is encrypted during transmission using secure socket layer (SSL) technology, which is widely used on the internet for processing payments.

Your credit card information is only used to complete the requested transaction and is not subsequently stored.

We accept PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, and the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.